About Us

Encore Group specializes in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management performing best in the most challenging and austere markets around the globe.

Our group companies focus in specific fields separately with common corporate values and master in their certain area of expertise.

As a global construction group, we stand strong and stable by protecting our core values which are tied to; Safety, Reliability, Respect, and Law. We cannot compromise of Safety at any cost as our people is the most valuable resource to us. Encore is dedicated to improve the job site precautions and conditions by following international guidelines to ensure its safety policy is always up to date and even ahead of the accepted standards.

Reliability and Integrity are the two key stones where our foundation has been built upon. The trust we build among our colleagues, clients and stakeholders is our most important capital.

Encore core competencies is classified into following areas;

  • Design & Build
  • Design
  • General Construction
  • Building & Infrastructure Construction
  • Real Estate Development
  • Maintenance & Service & Refit
  • Construction Material Manufacturing
  • Austere Location Experts

Tempus International

Tempus is a US based entity which is specialized in procurement, special services, management, and distribution of building materials. Supplying several different types of products and services for the US Government is a special task that Tempus is carrying professionally. through out our office in Miami, FL, we do export and re-export building supplies to Central America and the Caribbean as well.

Encore Italia

Encore Italia is a Real Estate Development and Investment company founded in 2019 in Milano, Italy. In early 2021, we have proudly announced a new merger with Salvucci & Vilas and opened our office in Rome, Italy. Salvucci & Vilas is well known for state-of-the-art design and build projects in the area since 2000s. Supported by our HQ qualified staff, Encore Italia is now active also in construction contracts throughout Italy and Europe.

Simirna Industry

Simirna Industry is a Joint Venture established in 2013 between Encore Construction and USG ME. The main objective of this joint venture is to manufacture and distribute a Ready Mix Joint Compound in a 2.000 m2 Izmir production plant. Simirna Industry distributes its product line nationwide in Turkey and exports it to Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkic Countries.

Concerning the Law; the Law and Regulations of the host countries as well as our clients’ own, have been carefully studied by our attorneys locally and internationally in order to make sure that our company and people obey the official requirements and fully comply with the regulations of the host countries where we work.

Respecting our people, clients, and the environment is the advance solution to avoid potential issues in our opinion. At Encore, there is no tolerance for disrespect and carelessness. Encore is also aware that as individuals and corporations we all have a big responsibility towards our environment. We invest constantly in improving our quality standards and follow international rules so that we become an Eco-Friendly organization. Encore guidelines which is a part of our quality policy is upgrading non-stop and always seek alternative ways to reduce our carbon footprint by seeking greener ways when performing our construction related activities.